i have shown you parts of me
i was never willing to show others
parts of me
that i never wanted to face
how does it feel to be
the only exception
the chosen one
the one who was lucky enough
to touch something rare

sky me

give me an excuse
to write all types of poetry
be my muse
the source of all my
love and chaos
the epitome of all that is
right and wrong

i would take you everyday
carve out your name
on my skin
as if you were a mistake
waiting to be made

give me a chance
to show you
all my potential

i can trace your promises
on the stars up above
and when i have nothing to look up to
i’ll remember your words
were etched in forever

and you’ve come across
my universe
like a shooting star
so rare
i almost didn’t catch you

fall for me
like raindrops on a california sky
arrive unexpectedly
but always welcome in my arms

i could build a throne for you
create castles in the skies for you
remember you
when i look at the moon

i have crossed oceans for you
trying to find homes
in places i did not belong
find me on the shore
give me a reason to
love you like i’ve never loved before


don’t fall in love with me
i write poetry for a living
and i’ll make your flesh
my paper
the type of skin
i’d crave to keep eternal
i’ll trace love letters down your spine
make homes out of your goosebumps
i’ll find the universe in your eyes
see the world from your point of view
i’ll make a sky out of you
protect you from the rainstorms you create
then carve out a love so great
i know my self-worth
had me digging it out from under my skin
for 20 odd years
and i could make or break this with the touch of my pinky
you could wrap me around your finger
and i’ll pinky promise that i’d do the same
and if you know your worth
then maybe this could work


it’s difficult to love someone like you
you push away
when the world feels like it’s too heavy
i told you i’d help you carry the load
get the burden off your shoulders
but you let yourself sink to the floor
you pull away
the same way waves do
pulling away only to come back
this whole routine is exhausting
do you think the waves get tired of being constantly moved around?


it’s hard to spending all this energy
on loving someone
i would take a bullet for
when they’re the ones
using me for target practice
my heart was a bullseye
and they’ve left a gaping hole in the middle of my chest


sometimes i wish the water i drink
was liquid courage
so it could give me the strength
to tell you everything that i was always afraid of saying
i’ve gotten so accustomed
to keeping my mouth shut
the muscles around it forgot how to work
maybe it’ll make it easier
for the words to spill out of my lips
and i just wanna let you know everything
that’s been playing in my head
like confess to you that
you spun my world around
made it pirouette so fast
i lost balance
i was never a ballerina
but i always wish i was
maybe it would have kept me from tipping over
all i know is that
i’ve got scars on my knees
from crawling after you
my voice is hoarse,
lost and following you in the wind
you were the air in my lungs
but you leaving made me forget how to breathe
i’m clinging on life support
and you’re the kind of person who will pull the plug
even if you knew you were the one who could save me


i hope you miss me so much
your bones will shake
just the thought of me
would make you shiver
i was a part of you
just as much as
you were a part of me
don’t forget that
memories of me
course through your veins
i was the air you breathed in
after your lungs tried to collapse
the only thing that kept you up
was my voice through
long distance phone calls
no borders
no time
could have kept me from you
the only obstacle here was you
i’m pointing fingers
keeping them up until you saw
you did the same
made it seem like i didn’t care
when you pickpocketed pieces of me
kept them in the edges of your mind
for safekeeping
don’t make this all about yourself
cause two can play this game
and i bet you all of me
that i could win