the love i’ve had and have given,
i give them all to you
it was childish to be afraid of something so divine
i was wading in cold water
waiting for a reason to dive right in
and darling
you’ve given me all that i could have wished for

do you ever wonder what it’s like to touch the edges of the universe?
cause i’ll give that to you and so much more
and when you’re afraid to move beyond this space
i’ll find new constellations for you to look up to

i think i’ve traced infinities on your back
wrote love letters down your skin
left promises on your lips
made it seem like eternity exists
and when you’ve grasped onto the fear of losing yourself
i only hope to loosen your fingertips
and hold them against my own

if i could keep you with me
wherever place i go
i would do so in a heartbeat
because i wanna see how far this goes
and where it’ll end up
i’m sure this road will be neverending
because i’ve felt forever
in the way that you hold me
especially at night when the lights are low
when the moon is up
and the only thing to judge us is the darkness
felt it in the way
your kisses make me feel holy
the way your fingertips make me feel
like i’ve been cleansed of all my sins
i could live a hundred lives
and still fall in love with the way that you smile
still wish on the stars that you would catch me every time
and know this is all worthwhile

and if you asked me if i love you
i’d tell you
we coexist like the sun and moon
i’m only brighter when you’re around
and baby
i think
i think i’d love you as long as the sun’s in the sky
and promise to love you much longer than that


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