sky me

give me an excuse
to write all types of poetry
be my muse
the source of all my
love and chaos
the epitome of all that is
right and wrong

i would take you everyday
carve out your name
on my skin
as if you were a mistake
waiting to be made

give me a chance
to show you
all my potential

i can trace your promises
on the stars up above
and when i have nothing to look up to
i’ll remember your words
were etched in forever

and you’ve come across
my universe
like a shooting star
so rare
i almost didn’t catch you

fall for me
like raindrops on a california sky
arrive unexpectedly
but always welcome in my arms

i could build a throne for you
create castles in the skies for you
remember you
when i look at the moon

i have crossed oceans for you
trying to find homes
in places i did not belong
find me on the shore
give me a reason to
love you like i’ve never loved before


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