sometimes i wish the water i drink
was liquid courage
so it could give me the strength
to tell you everything that i was always afraid of saying
i’ve gotten so accustomed
to keeping my mouth shut
the muscles around it forgot how to work
maybe it’ll make it easier
for the words to spill out of my lips
and i just wanna let you know everything
that’s been playing in my head
like confess to you that
you spun my world around
made it pirouette so fast
i lost balance
i was never a ballerina
but i always wish i was
maybe it would have kept me from tipping over
all i know is that
i’ve got scars on my knees
from crawling after you
my voice is hoarse,
lost and following you in the wind
you were the air in my lungs
but you leaving made me forget how to breathe
i’m clinging on life support
and you’re the kind of person who will pull the plug
even if you knew you were the one who could save me


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