recap: J A N U A R Y

so my goal this year is to write down everything that i have done every day of every month, and so far i’ve been doing really well at it. basically i wanted to do this because i have such horrible memory, so i thought that maybe if i wrote down the things that i did for every day, no matter how small it was, then maybe i’ll remember better. plus it gives me a chance to reflect and to see how much stuff i’ve actually done when i look back at it πŸ™‚

so for J A N U A R Y, i:

  • hung out with my friends a lot πŸ™‚
  • went to the first Dim Lights of the year and my first poetry show in months? a year? i forgot.
  • saw Rudy Francisco for the second time
  • reunited with my poetry fam
  • started going to the gym more often
  • make myself more meals now
  • signed up to volunteer for theaters cause why not
  • applied for on-campus activities like SPOP, Soul Train, and the video series
  • started Modern/Contemporary & PACN practices
  • went to Boiling Point & Jazz Cat for the first time
  • planned a Seattle + Vancouver trip (crossin my fingers for both)
  • bought tickets to go see Khalid live
  • got lost in LA with Alissa, but it’s all fun πŸ™‚
  • decorated my room + apartment
  • visited friends I haven’t seen in awhile
  • ushered for the first time and watched a play for the first time since senior year
  • did some adultin’ things… like pay for my credit card + fix my insurance + schedule my wisdom teeth extraction cause i’m an adult now apparently
  • found an abundance of new music and i find new ones every week
  • learned a lot of valuable lessons like:
    -know your self-worth
    -know when to let go of anger
    -that maybe sometimes other people don’t have to apologize to you and they shouldn’t have to
    -that maybe you got mad and it wasn’t their fault
    -it’s easy to get caught up in life, but sometimes you just gotta make memories and do things that you will remember forever
    -loving someone is easy but loving yourself is hard
    -it takes a lot to realize how much you love someone and know how to accept the terms that’s been given to you

so, so thankful for everythin, you have no idea.

x jaya


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