January 7, 2017 1:17

i don’t care for approval anymore. i don’t care for appraisal. i don’t crave for people’s attention and for people to like me anymore. i don’t do anything for anyone else, and i hope people realize that i’m not the person i was back in high school, back when everyone just wanted to be loved and to be idolized. i don’t care for any of those things anymore, and i wish i never cared for them at all, but at the same time i don’t mind because i have grown so much from the person i was even just a year or two ago. and i don’t even care if nobody is proud, because all that matters is that i’m proud of myself: for growing, for learning, for trying to be a better version of myself.

the only thing i hope to do is to bring as much love and happiness as possible to those around me. i hope that people learn to love themselves better, to care for their wellbeing more, to put their mental and emotional health on the frontlines. i want them to see all of their potential and to see that life is worth living despite all the struggles that they go through.

love & live more, it’s all worth it in the end

x jaya


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