Didn’t thinkit was humanly possible to fall in love with someone so quickly.

I’ve never met a person who made a dead girl feel so alive, let alone a lover.

You’re my defibrillator. My therapy. My little happy pill.

You’re everything that’s made me feel free.

Before you I was half a person, I can finally say my left side isn’t numb anymore.

You’re the reason I’m able to eat a full plate of my favorite food.

You’re the reason why my tears taste like sangria overspoiled milk.

I’ve never liked beer until I kissed you like that time your tongue had the tasteof 5%.

I blacked out yet there was no red cup in my hand.

Baby, you gave this shit some meaning, you gave me a purpose. You’ve taught me to love in a way I’ve never loved before. You’ve made me a cliche, but for the first…

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