december 21, 2016 2:16

breathe. i finally have time to breathe. i’ve been itching to write and i have had so many ideas of what to write but i just haven’t taken the time to just sit down and write.. and i feel bad, but at the same time i shouldn’t? i feel like i shouldn’t because forcing myself to write never made me happy and my words never ever come out the way i want them to, so i guess that break i had was good for me.

just to catch me-from-the-future up with what’s been goin’ on with me the past couple weeks or so:

  • you forced your parents to watch Moana with you and you’re pretty sure they loved it
    • you cried because the short hit you in the feels a lot + Moana’s crazy relatable… and to watch it with your parents made it even more special
  • finals week was hectic but also kind of cool because you bonded with your roommates a lot
    • lots of late night conversations
    • cookies forever
    • dumplings are great
    • yelling at each other is fun
    • aren’t you glad you found the best roommates ever?
    • downtown disney + Moana again with your roommates (:
  • signing up for dance class was spontaneous as hell; we’ll see how this goes
  • get excited for PACN!!!!!
  • more responsibilities at work????
    • idk you’re kind of getting more hours + you’re currently being trained to open the store, so that’s cool
  • adulting’s weird
    • yay for credit cards
    • but also nay for having no money atm and stressin out over Christmas gifts… 4 days before Christmas…
    • who let me be an adult idk
    • you don’t even have the motivation to get up hella early in the morning + make your own food, smh Jaya
  • you kinda had a breakdown the other night because you felt like you haven’t been doing much but now you know better
    • distance sucks so you’ve felt lonely a lot
  • you realized that the past is in the past and to stop trippin over that. just don’t
  • the people who matter and care for you will always be there for you, no matter the distance.
  • family’s just as important as friends, even if it feels like they don’t understand you sometimes

x a slightly more appreciative Jaya


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