stay positive, spread love

One of my first writing assignments for my Humanities Core class last year was about the so-called “American Dream” and whether I believed in it. I questioned: “How is the American Dream real when there is no real progress?” It feels as though we take 10 steps forward, then 50 steps back. How can I believe in prosperity, in the possibility of progress when it feels as though we’re only walking backwards with blindfolds covering our eyes? It’s difficult to have faith especially in moments when the world constantly reminds you that hate still exists. That, even in the 21st century, there are still people who do not believe in equality. There are still people out there who still judge others based on the color of their skin, their gender, their sexuality, and their religion. And it’s disgusting. We’ve come so far, but this election just showed us how these hateful things are still prevalent in our society, how hatred is still very tangible, very real.. and I gotta admit, I’m fucking terrified.

I’m not super into politics, and honestly, both choices may not have been the greatest choices ever, but it’s unbelievable to think that someone with no prior experience, someone who’s openly racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, whatever else you want to group him into, will be the president of the United States. The one fucking country people will literally die to protect. This country we uphold to be “great” because of all of our ideals and belief in the “American Dream.” People literally left their homelands to move to this country for better opportunities, and what do we get? A president who wants to deport said immigrants. Looking at those counts and seeing that the majority of the United States was red last night was disgusting. I wanted to vomit. It just shows how backwards this country is. It makes me even more sick knowing that there are adults and people my age out there who agree with his beliefs and they think he’s right. So many people were ecstatic last night seeing those results, and this just gives them that platform to keep spreading that negativity, that hatred to the people. This gives them the idea that they can believe in those things and not have to hide it because, hell, the president believes in the same things that they do, and this is why people are so terrified, why I’m so terrified. Because who wants to live in constant fear? Who wants to live in a place we thought could be safe for us but it turned out to be wrong?

I’m not so sure what the repercussions are just yet, and it’s giving me anxiety just thinking about the next four years. And so maybe the American Dream isn’t as clear cut as it should be, but I still have a lot of faith that this will make us realize how shitty this whole situation is, and maybe just maybe, we’ll all finally get rid of all the prejudice and judgments and hatred towards one another through this situation. All we’ve got is each other, might as well spread love then spread more hate am I right?

I feel so protective over everyone and I just want to hold you all close and kiss your faces. Be safe and I love you.

x jaya


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