November 4, 2016 9:42

If there’s one thing I’m extremely proud of about myself, it’s my capacity to love. I love caring for people and I love love. It’s not dumb to think that love exists, because it does. You love your family, your friends, your pets, your significant other… Hell, you know what’s the best kind of love? Self-love. Maybe there’s no such thing as that “perfect” movie love, but there’s always going to be so much people worth giving all your heart and energy to.

Someone’s asked me why I seem to always have a crush on someone, and that sounds like a shitty thing to say, but honestly I wasn’t even offended. I love people. People that interest and fascinate me will 99.99% of the time get my attention and I will immediately love you. I’ve been in relationships, and maybe I wasn’t in love with all of my exes but I still had love for them nonetheless. When I’m with someone, my attention’s on them and 100% of the time I am talking about them or thinking about them. I’m affectionate as hell when it comes to people I love, and I’m emotionally invested in their everything. I’ve been told that maybe I just like attention, that’s why I’ve been with a handful of people. But is that even a bad thing? I’ve been in a total of three official relationships and fallen in love with two people, and all of them lasted awhile. Is it even really that bad to have had those relationships, when other people my age have gone through more relationships in a year than I’ve ever had in the past 5 years? Shit, I’ve been called out for having “rebounds” but that’s not even it. I’ve just learned to move on and learn to love others.

If I ever fall for you, I guarantee I’d be good to you and love you like no one’s ever loved you. And maybe things won’t turn out the way we want them to, but I’d still have mad love for you, nonetheless. I’d probably do whatever it takes to make you happy, but respect me first, and all of me will follow.

x jaya


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