October 12, 2016 10:29

20. my hands are the most powerful parts of
my body
they can beat my skin
and stitch the scars right back up
for another round

19. but if i can’t rewrite the past
at least i can write about all the love i’ve felt

18. sometimes it’s hard to be positive about the future
when you were born

17. and i’ve loved you
too short
let me kiss
the past 19 years away
– a love letter to myself

16. i’ll strip you bare
if that’s the only way i can see
your insides

15. the mirror may be cracked
but your soul isn’t

14. it’s time to show your
guts and all
show them that they have it too

13. and everything’s a mess
but clean up after yourself
once in awhile

12. would you rather be admired
or loved for someone you’re not?

11. how do you wipe someone’s
love out of your heart
if they tattooed all over it
with invisible ink?

10. when will you be able to
look into the mirror
and accept what you see?

9. sometimes you’re the passenger of a
other times you’re the

8. and if you could wipe it all clean
would i be forgotten?

7. when will you ever be okay?

6. and i let you go out into the wind

5. but will you come back to me?

4. paint me the villain
but don’t hide behind your mask

3. you’ve played a part in destruction

2. and you’ve helped heal

  1. what’s there to lose if all you’ve got is yourself?

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