August 23, 2016 3:33


Find peace in your daily. You woke up today, didn’t you? Whether it was at 7 am or a 2 pm, you still woke up. There’s too much to be thankful for. Whisper your apologies to your issues, to your insecurities, to your annoyances. Embrace the flaws, your anxieties and thank them for enveloping you in their warmth. Find peace in your lonely. When it feels like you’re the last person on this earth, capture the solitude, take a picture of it, cherish it. It is only when you feel alone can you see your holiness. You’ve lived with your body for 20 years, but introduce yourself to your new skin and remember how you were just a second ago. There’s too much to do in so little time, but don’t forget to find peace wherever you are.

x jaya


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