August 22, 2016 11:21

I’ve never, ever, ever been the type of person to sit back and say that I’ve regretted any decision that I’ve made.. but that doesn’t mean that I’ve never felt guilty about certain choices that I chose to make. Sometimes I think of the “what-if’s.” Like, what if I didn’t decide to go to the school I’m currently going to.. Or what if I didn’t break that one person’s heart.. Or what if I decided not to make peace with old friends with whom I had a falling out? I always try to move forward, but sometimes it’s difficult not to think of the “what could have beens,” but then I realize that things happen for a reason. That the decisions I’ve made years ago, a couple months ago, even just today are the gears that move me forward. That sometimes it’s okay to reflect and question your decisions, but it’s never okay to dwell on those decisions and regret them. Sometimes you make bad decisions, but it should always be your goal to learn from those mistakes. And sometimes your decisions are good, and they were necessary for you to grow and learn more about yourself.

x jaya


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