August 10, 2016 10:19

i have
what i have
and i am happy

i’ve lost
what i’ve lost
and i am


-rupi kaur

It’s easy to be bitter about things, whether it’s over someone or something. It’s also easy to regret things, whether it’s regretting not going to that concert or not trying hard enough in school. What’s difficult is to get over that bitterness, to finally accept what you have and to be grateful of the things that have been given to you. I think one of the things I constantly remind myself is to appreciate everything, to not take people or whatever for granted. I’ve said this before, but every little thing we go through in life, whether it is good or bad, gives us an opportunity to learn and grow. It is not the situations that define us, that break us into pieces, it is how we respond to those situations. Everything that we have gone through and everything we are currently going through and everything that we will go through is a learning experience. The world doesn’t stop for any one of us. We can either be angry over the past and stay stuck in that time period, or we can accept it and move forward. Be grateful for the possessions you have now, for the ones you’ve lost before, and stop regretting and being bitter over every little thing. The shit you’ve gone through shaped who you are now, so if you ask yourself: “Am I proud of who I am at this moment?” What’s your answer? And if you’re not proud of the current you, then when will you? And if you are, I’m proud of you. Keep going. Keep growing. And if, right now, you feel like the world is full of shit and everything’s going against you, you’re okay. I’m proud of you for trying, so keep trying.

is part of
so don’t be
when your
are forever
from falling

remind yourself
that learning
how to
get back up
on your feet
takes strength
and letting yourself
stay on the ground
allows others to
walk all over

x jaya


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