July 31, 2016 1:25

Didn’t have time to write yesterday, and I’m pretty peeved at myself but whatever.

Extension of my previous post – learn to appreciate the things you used to hate, but most importantly: appreciate every. little. thing. Whether it be the city skyline, car rides with the people you care about, or spontaneous outings to Denny’s at 1 am, just appreciate everything. There’s always something good that happens during your day; don’t let one bad thing ruin it.

If you’re upset/mad/whatever, sit down. Breathe. Get a notebook and just write down whatever you’re feeling. Maybe writing’s not for everyone, but just vomiting out whatever you’re thinking about really helps. Just write it down then when you’re calm, reread it. Then you’ll figure out the roots of your problem. After you do that, write down a couple of good things that have happened to you that day. Maybe you found new music. Maybe you watched your favorite movie, and even though you cried, it made you remember a certain point in your life. Maybe your dog learned a new trick. Maybe you bought yourself coffee to make yourself feel better. There’s ALWAYS something.. And if you can’t list down anything, take an even longer breather. Doesn’t matter how long, but eventually you’ll be calm enough that you’ll be able to list something good that came out of your day.

x Jaya


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